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Adidas Deerupt

EKKO Media was tasked with the video production for the world premiere of the Adidas DEERUPT shoe launch in Los Angeles, CA.

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  • client
    • Adidas
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    •  Video Production
  • Equipment
    • Sony AF700
    • DJI Ronin
    • After Effects

Project Background

When you’re regularly producing more than 900 million products every year it could suggest you’re a complex organization, but ADIDAS approach has always been simple.

The 18’ DEERUPT launch was no different. With a month leading to launch, the clock was ticking for all the pieces to be in place to recreate the rippling hype of the many successful new silhouettes which came before it.


Video or It Didn't Happen

Recognizing your events occur in a vacuum if they’re undocumented is the first step to maximizing your next one. While thousands of lucky early adopters and select influencers were invited to the DEERUPT’s exclusive launch parties around the globe- they recognized only a fraction of their fans made it.

That’s where we came in, to bring the ‘off is on’ artists' installation commemorating the LA launch to the masses.


About Deerupt

A modern runner with classic colorways that’s sure to attract sneaker heads and athletes alike. The grid mesh creates an aesthetic that’s ambitious and bound to turn heads, and it’s coupled with a range of unique color ways. The fit is comfortable, utilitarian, and above all great looking in a variety of scenarios whether you’re heading to the park for a nightly jog, or looking to add to your go to night out outfit.

Adidas DEERUPT campaign, video production, Ekko Media web design, video production and marketing

Under The Influence

ADIDAS recognized the importance of every local and even international tastemaker being in attendance at this historic LA launch. Going so far as to create an exclusive influencer cocktail bar showcasing both local artists’ work and their new release to make the day extra “documentable”.

With the advent of social media stories, galleries, live, and more, it’s never been easier to boost a signal to millions of people instantly with the right experiential campaigns and video production.


Behind the Scenes

ADIDAS handpicked over a dozen female artists in the LA area to create unique installations for this event which resulted in dancers, laser light shows, music, VR, projections, mazes, and more. Our video production team worked 1:1 with the artists in an effort to find the best path to documenting, and ultimately memorializing their unique vision best. It was a blast combining our creative effort, and finding inroads to producing something which felt less like an event sizzle reel and more like a stand-alone piece.

Adidas DEERUPT campaign, video production, Ekko Media web design, video production and marketing
Adidas DEERUPT campaign, video production, Ekko Media web design, video production and marketingAdidas DEERUPT campaign, Ekko Media web design, video production and marketing

Project Outcome

The Adidas DEERUPT campaign received international press and acclaim, and the video/photo gallery from the event went on to be consumed by millions. Had ADIDAS thought to keep their event totally exclusive, and insular, millions of fans surely never would have known what they in combination with our team and the artists worked so tirelessly to produce. Through a combination of multiple teams tireless efforts, the launch was nothing short of a disruption in the sneaker scene. After all, that’s what DEERUPT was all about.


Shoot Day


Potential Reach

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