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In the days of print advertising, companies would buy an advertisement in a magazine that they believed targeted their audience and hoped for a deluge of phone calls from eager customers. Essentially shotgun marketing, companies really had no way to truly drill down to their target audience. With the advent of the internet, and powerful analytics tools, suddenly targeting an audience became less ambiguous and more tangible. Today’s consumers are online more than ever before, with mobile device usage accounting for 83%+ of web traffic.

Knowing how to reach this audience through social media is an invaluable skill we help brands with.

Influencer Marketing

  • As of 2019 influencer activations are a staple in every industry. We help our clients connect with the influencers relevant to their industry
  • Studies reveal users trust the influencers they follow as much as their own friends. Influencer activations greatly increase users’ trust, and eagerness to learn more about a product or service.
  • We have access to a network of influencers that can promote our clients’ products and services across many social media platforms. We help connect our clients to the right influencer who will help strengthen their brand and message. Our relationships and connections with quality influencers increase our client’s ROI.
Ekko Media web design, video production and marketing

User Generated Content

Who better to tell your brand’s story than your customers? We scour all social media facets from Instagram to Twitter to Facebook to find optimal user images and reviews to share. We then professionally edit the content to fit our client’s brand and aesthetic. We help our clients find customers who truly love their products. These organic customers are the best way to spread the word about a product or service. Showing off happy customers is a powerful and authentic way to reach more people.


Video Content

  • Studies show users would rather spend their time watching a video than any other form of content -- it takes less effort, and frankly, it’s more entertaining! We help our clients create simple, but powerful videos. Through a combination of user-generated content and original content we create outstanding pieces which are sure to engage your audience.
  • Clients who add video content see an increased ROI. When clients add videos to their sites, they consistently see an increase in the amount of time users spend on their site. The increased page time means better SEO, which means users will be able to you more easily. Videos are a necessity if you want to build your business, and we’re experts at optimizing video content for web.

Live Videos

  • Given Instagram’s chronological Live Video distribution, your page is sure to draw in a captivated audience quickly. With Instagram’s Live Video, your followers receive a notification when you begin your live stream. Users love to be in the know, and this a great way to inform them about what you’re up to. The excitement of a live video drives immediate audience participation and increases customer interaction through likes and comments.
  • Live Videos on Instagram push your followers to watch the video immediately because Instagram users know that live videos disappear after 24 hours. The fear of missing out on a video is a powerful tool to entice users to pay attention to valuable content.

Instagram & Facebook Stories

  • Instagram and Facebook Stories are powerful tools, and we help our clients utilize them optimally. Due to the complex nature of the Instagram algorithm, stories have become essential in connecting the dots in meaningful ways with your content.
  • We fill your stories daily with great content, including user generated content which is shown to increase your customers’ rapport with your brand.
  • We help our clients increase the power of stories through influencers. When clients add influencers to their Instagram and Facebook stories, this increases a brand’s trustworthiness and authenticity. This is just one of our many great methods to harness the power of social media.

Social Media Planning

Social Media is a powerful tool if you know how to use it! We research the best days of the week and times of day to post our clients’ content. Optimal scheduling helps our clients’ content to be viewed by the most users possible. Just as important as timing, is incorporating the right hashtags and copywriting, which will increase your distribution over time exponentially. Users frequently search hashtags to find relevant content. We know what hashtags people are looking for and we make sure to include them into our clients’ social media posts to optimize engagement.

Ekko Media web design, video production and marketing

Increase Metrics

All these strategies and tools get our client’s the results they want. We know how to utilize the power of social media to get our clients great results. We use proprietary social media tools to greatly increase our client’s metrics.


The first step of digital marketing is to get the right users’ attention. We know all the tricks to capture the attention of a wide reach of users specific to your industry.

Link Clicks

With our scrupulous social media strategy, our clients are guaranteed to funnel more users to their sites, social media platforms, and mobile apps.


We increase our client’s social media engagement through research and careful social media planning. Our client’s see an overwhelming boost of comments, likes, shares, and tags once they start to work with us. Getting users to interact and to spread a message are important KPIs that we deliver to our clients. Our clients’ followers become regulars in the communities we build around their brand.

Likes and Follows

Our clients are consistently amazed at how the likes and follows on their social media account always grow once we start working with them. Our goal is to have consistent growth in our client’s social media presence.

Contact us and let us show you how we can do the same for you!

Ekko Media web design, video production and marketing Ekko Media web design, video production and marketing Ekko Media web design, video production and marketing

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