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With Ekko Media's vast expertise, we created an interactive website for Vogtland Springs with the latest tools necessary to compete in this space.

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Project Background

Vogtland Springs is a German sports suspension and spring manufacturer with a strong brand presence in the United States. Like many automotive performance parts suppliers, the landscape has changed. Gone is the old three-step distribution network and today, many of these companies also sell retail using an e-commerce platform.

To enter this new age, Vogtland Springs needed a completely new interactive website, one that applied all of the latest tools and structure necessary to compete in this space. EKKO Media’s vast expertise would be put to the test to develop something that was user-friendly and guided consumers through their selection and purchase most suited for their application.


Application and Product Lookup

As you’d expect, the site first provides a little history of the brand and their global reputation for performance success and their 100+ year old history as a manufacturer. As consumers move on to start their purchase consideration, they are queried about their vehicle’s year, make and model. Next, the consumer views the available parts for their application. They are then presented with the application and performance data where relevant. They are shown the features and benefits of each option to help them choose what’s best for their needs. Careful attention to the user experience (UX) is critical to ensure that users are not distracted.


Shopping Cart and User Accounts

Once their purchase decision is complete, they are taken to their shopping cart for checkout. There, they are greeted with their order history and options for payment. Credit card processing is handled through the integration of conventional processing methods and shipping rates are auto-calculated during this process. The entire transaction is as smooth as one would expect, ensuring no orders are lost due to complexities.

Vogtland NA Springs suspension kit, interactive website, Ekko Media web design, video production and marketing

SEMA Data Co-Op

Integration with SEMA’s data co-op program ensures that all product data is configured and stored in the accepted industry ACES and PIES standards. To accomplish this requires a complex integration between the Vogtland website and the data repository.

This is one area in which EKKO Media holds a clear advantage over competing companies. We’ve been doing this almost since the inception of SEMA’s database integration initiative.


Interactive Website Design

The importance of making a responsive (adaptive) to any sized screen cannot be overstated. On any given day, more than 85% of users are interacting with websites on a mobile device.

Configuring a website to work across multiple devices using a myriad of operating systems and browsers requires consideration at the very outset of the planning process. All content must scale automatically and must still provide a good user experience.

Vogtland NA Springs home page web design comp, interactive website, Ekko Media web design, video production and marketing
Vogtland NA Springs responsive website designs, interactive website, Ekko Media web design, video production and marketing

Core Functionality and Features

Vogtland’s new interactive website catapults the brand into the modern age by using a slick, new user interface that is easy to navigate and promotes a rapid purchase decision. The information is presented using a combination of imagery and data enhanced by clear features and benefits dialogue.

Dealers or Consumers can quickly facilitate a transaction, apply coupons or discounts where applicable and track their orders. The company’s proud history is prominently displayed throughout the site, helping to promote confidence among dealers and end-users.

Vogtland NA Springs website language selection, interactive website, Ekko Media web design, video production and marketing

Multi-Language Support

Given Vogtland’s global footprint and customer base, this was mandatory. To accomplish, we integrate a powerful tool that allows users to choose the language of preference. The tool auto-translates content into virtually any language.

Vogtland NA Springs website user login dealer access, interactive website, Ekko Media web design, video production and marketing

Dealer Access

End-users can simply search by their zip code to find the dealers local to them. Dealers benefit from this direct referral in obvious ways. To assist their dealers, Vogtland required a tiered pricing system that was tied to the dealer’s online account. Dealers at different levels (based on their annual purchases) are shown pricing exclusive to them. This is done automatically within the website.

Vogtland NA Springs website media and downloads, interactive website, Ekko Media web design, video production and marketing

Media and Downloads

Like many companies, Vogtland recognizes the value of staying connected with their users. A robust media gallery includes photos, videos and even Press Kits for media inquiries. A News and Events section help Vogtland to provide fresh content to site visitors. An online catalog is available for download, as well.

Vogtland NA Springs website social media integration, interactive website, Ekko Media web design, video production and marketing

Social Media Integration

In the e-commerce world, creating a buzz about a product is important. Vogtland looked to EKKO to ensure they were using all of the available tools to strengthen the connection with their fans and customers. Uses can share or like much of the content on Vogtland’s site at the click of the button or they can view the company’s Facebook or Instagram content instantly.



By all accounts, Vogtland’s new interactive website has proven that the Company is serious about providing the tools and resources to support their dealers and customers. Comments on the slick user interface were not all that surprising given the design awards the new website has earned. In this highly competitive industry, Vogtland furthers its standing as a leader in its segment.


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