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Founded in 2000, Ekko Media is a full service digital agency that has the unique ability to bridge the gaps between strategy, creativity and execution, creating a seamless digital dialogue between a brand and its customers. We pride ourselves on being able to cut through industry hype to guide our clients through the ever-changing interactive landscape. We nurture our clients to provide the appropriate digital strategy, one experience at a time. We bring together creative thinking, smart ideas and emerging technologies.


The digital media landscape has drastically changed — and we've changed with it. When EKKO Media was formed 24 years ago, print was the medium of advertising choice. We’ve seen the shift to an almost exclusively digital footprint, where engagement can be tracked within seconds instead of weeks. Our digital team has adapted to deliver our clients the most advanced and most effective customer-engaging content. Our clients include Fortune 5000 and Fortune 100 companies who rely upon the powerful digital media experiences that we create to help these clients connect with their customers and create interaction. We specialize in user experience, digital media and brand identity.

EKKO Media Office
EKKO Media Office
EKKO Media Office
EKKO Media Office
EKKO Media Office
EKKO Media Office
EKKO Media Office
EKKO Media Office

A Unique Group Of Individuals

Our team consists of incredible talent with years of marketing and digital media creation experience. Get to know us a little better!

Aaron DeWitt: President / CEO

Aaron DeWitt

President / CEO

Alex Hodges: VP of Digital Media

Alex Hodges

VP of Digital Media

Yiannis Georgousis: Director Of Development

Yiannis Georgousis

Director Of Development

Victor A. Simossis: Creative Director

Victor A. Simossis

Creative Director

Mike Kim: Creative Director

Mike Kim

Creative Director

Giovanni Villicaña : New Business

Giovanni Villicaña

New Business

José Casal: UI/UX Director

José Casal

UI/UX Director

Carlos Parrott: Senior Brand Strategist

Carlos Parrott

Senior Brand Strategist

George Georgousis: Senior Developer

George Georgousis

Senior Developer

George Halas: Strategy & Digital Marketing

George Halas

Strategy & Digital Marketing

Brandon Gable: Video Production Manager

Brandon Gable

Video Production Manager

Mike Mills-Winkler: Senior 3D Artist

Mike Mills-Winkler

Senior 3D Artist

Daniel Sorichetti: Web Developer

Daniel Sorichetti

Web Developer

Christos Doudis: Web Developer

Christos Doudis

Web Developer

Matina Zixnali: Client Relations

Matina Zixnali

Client Relations

Samantha Garcia: Digital Media Coordinator

Samantha Garcia

Digital Media Coordinator

Renwick Leggett: Web Master/SEO

Renwick Leggett

Web Master/SEO

Casey Vassios: Web Developer

Casey Vassios

Web Developer

Industry Recognized Excellence

While we’re proud of our work, we’re more proud of the awards and industry recognition we’ve received over the years.



1 CSS Design Awards
1 Awwwards
1 CSS Awards
1 CSS Winner
1 CSS Light

Behind The Social Lens

Our social media footprint gives our followers a quick glimpse into our daily work and on location. Take a sneak peek at what goes on behind the scenes and be sure to follow us by clicking the social links above.

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