iKnowAuto, an online automotive aftermarket platform, has called upon EKKO Media to produce a website designed to catalogue millions of aftermarket parts. 

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Project Background

iKnowAuto is a platform that serves as a resource designed to connect users directly to aftermarket manufacturers in a new way. EKKO Media was tasked with the challenge of designing a website that is able to catalogue millions of aftermarket auto parts that link directly to the manufacturer’s authorized distribution network. The site called for ease of navigation so users can quickly search through the millions of aftermarket automotive products that will be the perfect addition to their vehicle.

Users are attracted using a combination of product cataloguing, price-comparisons, and engaging content in order to attract repeat visits. EKKO Media built a custom Content Management System that can handle the millions of SKUs, so the catalogue is constantly updated with the latest aftermarket automotive products.

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The World’s Largest Independent Aftermarket Resource

The website is a third-party resource for consumers and immerses them in a process that will tailor the search process to their specific needs. It utilizes the algorithm that delivers exactly what consumers are searching for with no bias, which allows all manufacturers to compete on an equal footing. EKKO Media ensured the maximization of each individual page’s functionality, interactivity, and aesthetic. Tools were developed so that users can seamlessly compare prices and brands, read reviews, and engage in current content that inspires repeat visits.

Ekko Media web design, video production and marketing

Defining The User Experience

iKnowAuto understands that consumers have nowhere to look for a unified source, especially since the dissolution of print magazines and fragmentation of social media, so they tasked us to design their centralized solution. They stressed to EKKO Media the importance of a seamless design that allows their users to navigate their website and find exactly what they are looking for. We responded by producing an effective way of searching, saving, comparing, and purchasing the product with a Content Management System customized for iKnowAuto’s special requirements.


Platform and Development Frameworks

iKnowAuto wants to provide the most up-to-date information devoid of any affiliation, partnership or link to any competitor. EKKO Media worked with iKnow Auto and combed all available resources using a powerful network of data suppliers, proprietary databases and with manufacturers directly to ensure accuracy and completeness of the data. The information is displayed and presented to the user, who is then able to filter through using the many options provided regarding product specs. The EKKO Team worked tirelessly to provide a website that would be accessible through multiple mediums and would work in different formats and dimensions, all while delivering fast load times regardless of connection speed. Being adaptive to the many devices that are in use is key to reaching as many users as possible.

Site Design

The iKnow Auto site has a multitude of features and content areas that our design team needed to consider prior to laying a single pixel down. With a wide range of product categories the site needed to accommodate a broad navigation flow. The top menu provided a way for users to jump into content they are looking for an easy to understand structure. Weeks were spent refining this alone to ensure the best experience for the broad range of users.

As the design team dove deep into the sub sections of the site new challenges arrived. Standard informational layouts for categories, products, news, events, and sub sections of those weren't the only items to consider. The EKKO design team was challenged with creating a 3d web interface that would allow users to customize vehicles in a full 3d environment. The results speak for themselves with one of the most awarded projects we've ever delivered.

DC Shoes Black Ops Collection pages
DC Shoes Black Ops Collection pages

From Desktop to Mobile, and Everything In-Between

With the ever-changing device landscape and changes with respect to how consumers ingest websites these days, it's more important than ever for a website to be able to adapt to all platforms. The adaptive design of the site maintains consistency of the elements across platforms and scales to the device. Mouse-click interactions adapt to touch and allow the user to click, tap or swipe as needed depending on the user's platform of choice.

The goal for the iKnowAuto site accomplishes this using an adaptive layout that allows the users regardless of what device they’re on to have a unified experience that not only pushes the boundaries of what's capable but does it in a way that still delivers fast load times regardless of connection speed.

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Core Functionality and Features

The iKnowAuto website aims to provide an encompassing experience and encourages its users to create a profile that allows visitors to save their vehicle information and any saved products they want to revisit.

In addition to the search, compare, and saving features, visitors can use the newly developed virtual tool that allows them to build their car with parts they wish to see on their vehicle.

Pro-Tuner 3D Vehicle Configurator

Vehicles can be viewed from any angle using the interactive interface and then like/share on social media. Once they’ve installed a product on their virtual vehicle, they are directed to a clickable link to the manufacturer’s product.

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User Accounts

Users may sign up to create a profile so they can save their vehicle information and any products they want to revisit. They may also opt in to receive newsletters from the site, which is easily signed up for in the My Account function.

Monster Energy Website, Ekko Media web design, video production and marketing

Feature Comparison

iKnowAuto centralizes product information and presents it to users so they may review the information, make comparisons, and decide which features fit them and their vehicle the best.

Monster Energy Website, Ekko Media web design, video production and marketing

News, Events, and Product Reviews

In order to drive in more foot traffic iKnowAuto mandated a page dedicated to publishing articles that showcases the products listed on their extensive catalogue. This keeps users coming back and interacting with the site more frequently.


Project Outcome

The iKnow Auto project has been the most ambitious project we have taken on and couldn't be happier with the results. With the wide range of information and feature offerings the visitors of the iKnow Auto site are glued to their screens spending an amazing amount of time on the site. 


Months to build


Aftermarket Products

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