30 Foot Projected 360° 4D Experience – Union Station, Los Angeles CA


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One of the most difficult challenges in video production today is capturing high quality 360° footage. This project required 360° video footage from all across Los Angeles County, making it especially difficult. Fully up to the challenge, our team managed to capture amazing 360°, 4K footage in locations that included Santa Monica, Downtown Los Angeles and The Griffith Observatory.

This immersive experience debuted in in July of 2015 at Los Angeles’ Union Station. Our cinematic 360° footage stole the show, partly due to the manner in which it was presented. Displayed on a massive projection sphere and on a 30 foot "sky screen" hovering directly above the sphere, the video thrilled and captivated viewers. The 30 foot screen was suspended from the structures surrounding it and served as a canvas for the 360° video footage. The 8 foot diameter sphere was placed right in the middle of the Union Station and was internally lit, creating a dramatic effect. Viewers could control the 360° video footage that was being projected on the screen hovering above it, creating a dynamic interaction. By moving their hands around the sphere, the audience could actually control the projections on the sphere and on the canvas hovering above, simultaneously.

For this production, all of the images were combined together to form a sequence of four-minute segments. Each of these vignettes showcased something unique or historic about Los Angeles. Scenery included snippets from Hollywood, famous boulevards, transportation, multiculturalism in the city, and of course, local street art. Serving as a kaleidoscopic view of the entire city, the footage mesmerized audiences. Each of these interactive, cinematic stories were made even more engaging by original instrumental tracks composed by Andy Garfield. Hettema implied that the soundtrack used for the Hollywood theme was more like a class one, in comparison to which the musical piece used for the transportation theme had an electronic feel to it.

There is no doubt that this event successfully highlighted the significance of this iconic train station present in the heart of Los Angeles. The client noted the survey responses indicated that viewers who saw the exhibit were more inclined to pursue further exploration of the beautiful city of Los Angeles.

Collectively, by pushing the envelope of technology and exploring advances in the fields of multimedia and film, we were able to provide for our client a digital experience that influenced people to engage in physical experiences.

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