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Introduced by Hansen Natural Corp, Monster Energy is an energy drink that hit the stores in the year 2002. Since then, the drink has become widely popular among people in The United States, and all over the globe. The company uses some highly effective marketing strategies, which have resulted into a widespread popularity of this energy drink. Monster Energy is quite popular for sponsoring a great number of extreme sports event that happen throughout the globe. These include Speedway, Motocross, and BMX. Moreover, the company is also famous for supporting several eSports and eGaming events. This makes it quite popular among youngsters, and people who love to add some thrill in their lives.

Quite recently, Monster Energy and EKKO Media joined hands yet once again in order to build a website specifically aimed at Monster – Shirt Off Our Back campaign. This campaign quickly became viral among users of social media, particularly youngsters who were interested in getting their hands on the attractive Monster Energy gear. The website that which EKKO Media designed in this regard, was in a true sense, a great promotional channel for the company. By using an attractive and eye-catching layout, the website was intelligently designed, in a way so as to hook each and every visitor. Because EKKO Media is well aware of the fact that people on the internet have low attention spans and they always require to be shown something unique, the website was made visually impactful and allowed easy navigation to all tabs. Considering the fact that the target audience happened to be highly active and energetic people, the mood selection was based on the aggressive visuals of Monster Energy which would give a thrilling feel to each and every visitor on the website.

Because EKKO Media was also well aware of the fact that a great number of people tend to rely on the more portable sources such mobile phones for internet surfing, the mobile website was integrated with the same structural flow and captivating visuals. This ultimately led to a lot of visitors landing on the website and indeed made it easier for Monster Energy to carry out their promotional campaign.

This was a dual country promotion based in The United States and Canada. The Website visitors belonging to the United States were easily linked to the login page where they could either log in or register for an account. Followed by which users belonging to the United States were redirected to a page from where they would print a form containing an address to which the can tabs were to be mailed. After mailing the can tabs, users would get credit stacked up in their account which they could then use to buy the attractive Monster Energy gear. On the other hand, visitors belonging to Canada could simply enter the 10-digit code printed on the back of their can tabs to get credits instantly.

In terms of the design, the website received multiple awards and got featured on some of the most highly acclaimed web design award sites such as CSS Winner attaining an overall score of 7.8 which was higher than a great number of other featured websites. Another award site that featured our website was CSS Light. Moreover, the website also got featured on CSS Design Awards. These awards are yet another achievement milestone for EKKO Media, in its rapid acceleration towards excellence.

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