Hubert’s Lemonade Hollywood Bowl Mosaic


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Hubert’s Lemonade is sometimes referred to as 'happiness within a bottle.’ This journey began in 1935 when Hubert Hansen embarked upon his entrepreneurship career by loading a truck full of fresh homemade juices and setting out to sell them. From those humble beginnings, today, the Hubert’s Lemonade products are made and sold by the world-renowned Coca-Cola Company. The Hubert’s brand has a solid history of intelligently-planned and effective marketing campaigns that have proven successful across a variety of mediums, including social media.

With morning newspapers being replaced by social media feeds, news at a glance, and mobile alerts, today’s consumers spend more and more time in the digital sphere of influence. Social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Flickr, and Tumblr are where these audiences gather. If a brand isn’t here in big way, they’re essentially invisible. But just being present here isn’t enough—brands have to connect and engage audiences. Unfortunately, many brands don’t know to speak to this audience in these platforms. Failure to embrace and succeed in these platforms is almost certain death for unsuccessful brands. Fortunately, the folks at Hubert’s Lemonade have figured out the recipe.

It was no surprise then, when Hubert’s Lemonade was spotted at Ed Sheeran’s Hollywood Bowl concert, launching yet again another brilliantly engaging marketing campaign. This time, it was dubbed the “Instagram-mosaic campaign." In terms of uniqueness, this campaign was a home-run as evidenced by the amount of attention and engagement at the event.

The concept revolved around creating a real-time art piece by using the pictures of the concert goers who participated. Concert-goers would snap pictures of themselves, tag Hubert’s on Instagram and the pictures would be printed out right there, next to the mosaic. The pictures would then be pasted onto a billboard-sized canvas. It took 1500 Instagram photos to build a mosaic and the campaign quickly went viral on Instagram under the hashtag “#HubertsAtTheBowl."

Of course, brilliant visuals alone cannot satisfy users. The site needed to showcase the company’s products and be easy to navigate. To accomplish this, we combined product photos with other dynamic elements, each designed to guide users through their quest to find the perfect wheel for them.

Hubert’s didn’t stop there, as they wanted the social media buzz to continue after the event. EKKO Media was called in to cover the entire event in the form of a fully produced, time-lapse video. From the footage, we created a short time-lapse documentary in which we showcase the process used to print out the Instagram pictures and how these pictures were strategically placed to create a final image of the famous bottle of Hubert’s Lemonade.

Since this campaign was truly pioneering, it was correctly thought that a video would continue to build a buzz around the brand, long after the event ended. This theory proved correct and engagement with Hubert’s through social media channels subsequent to the event far exceeded their expectations. It’s safe to say that the campaign was a success and it further validates the notion that engagement with viewers and consumers through social media has far reaching benefits.

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