Social Media: Charting the Proper Course


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Your brand is like a giant cruise ship. Your passengers are your customers and your target audiences. While some marketing agencies have their social media pitch looking as fancy as a travel brochure, the truth is that some are still blindly navigating through muddled waters.

Some agencies might try to steer you to a destination they’ve chosen for you simply because they’ve never bothered to ask you the right questions. Too eager to sign you to a contract, they sometimes ignore your desires. While the good agencies will ask you where you want to go, some will simply detour you through uncharted waters.

EKKO Media is different in that we chart a course using the proper waypoints. The ports of call include names like “target audience,” “geo-fencing,” “CRM,” “KPIs” and other unglamorous designations.

It’s never a straight line and the journey is fraught with challenges. Navigating these waters is more complex than it was when TV and print were the chosen mediums. There are those who will wanted if the destination is worth the journey.

No one wants to think their agency is ignoring the iceberg in their path. Thinking proactively and utilizing data is akin to using modern day GPS systems—there’s no safer way to get where you want to go and there’s no excuse not to use the data.

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Whether you're a local plumbing service, a band with a new single, a mega-yacht designer, a car dealership, or a presidential candidate, social media is the cornerstone of any modern marketing effort. It’s so important to recognize that very few moves made on social media can be ranked as “neutral.” That’s usually not the case. In fact, at every turn, your brand will be either gaining momentum or losing steam.

Your social media footprint is like the P.A. system of the ship. It communicates your messages to your passengers and helps guide them through your brand journey but with one key difference—your customers can respond and interact with you in real-time.

It then becomes vital to craft these messages for your audience. Done properly, you can manage your reputation, provide customer-care, speak to you fan club and engage in two-way conversations with those who have chosen to sail along with you. The wrong message at the wrong time will have people heading for the lifeboats.

This is your new digital storefront whether you like it or not and whether you know it or not.

The Proof is in the Pudding

EKKO Media Social Media Marketing Campaign
EKKO Media ran a social campaign for DIFF Eyewear with astounding results! Click to learn more.
EKKO Media Social Media Marketing Campaign
The Hubert's Lemonade social mosaic was a unique project that had a HUGE impact on the company's social networks. Click to learn more.
EKKO Media Social Media Marketing Campaign
White House Projects by Marco Nabi earned 90k+ views and 400% increase in attendance. Click to learn more.
EKKO Media Social Media Marketing Campaign
Lexani Wheels has been a long time social media marketing client of EKKO Media, and we've had great responses on their Twitter account.

The majority of businesses we've worked with initially approached their online presence with a lottery-ticket mentality. “Maybe we’ll blow up someday like ‘x’ brand,” they thought. Worse yet, they would speculate as to where their efforts will take them. Still others might wonder why that small brand is becoming such a large blip on their radar.

Underestimation of your brand’s rivals and the resulting confusion often results in a deterioration of many brands’ hard-won perception and to a degree, a noticeable loss in momentum.

Those clients who are aggressive and open-minded enough to objectively examine the social media landscape have been rewarded with a massive head-start in ways never before thought possible.

Social media is a daily, multi-step process. If your social media effort begins and ends with posting content to socials and waiting for a response, you’re simply not seeing harnessing the full power of the platform.

Many agencies will bullet point a top-to-bottom approach which may look like a clear map, but at the end of the day it’s just industry jargon and canned-clichés being deployed at high speeds. The end result is the same: you’ve lost your way.

Here are the questions your business needs to ask sooner rather than later:

  • What kind of content are we posting and why?
  • Are we staying on message, long-term?
  • Are we growing? Could I see both reports for the week and month and could you explain the key performance indicators (KPI) to me in detail?
  • Are we getting real engagement, or are you buying it?
  • Are we using fake followers?
  • Who handles customer relationship management (CRM), how quickly do they respond, what are they saying when they do?
  • Where is our primary target audience located?
  • Why is our brand popular in some areas but not others?
  • How many characters are in our caption?
  • Are we using calls to action (CTA) or linking to a domain?
  • Why are we posting when we are posting?
  • Who are we growing with most quickly age, gender, and demographically speaking?
  • Who are we targeting?
  • Are we using the right keywords?
  • Is our boosted ad spend being used to it’s capacity? Or are we paying more for less?
At EKKO Media, we don’t see ourselves as captains of your ship as we’re more like navigators. We can guide you through to safe passage, avoiding obstacles along the way.

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